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Chula Vista Pool Services

Chula Vista Pool & Spa Services

At Kelley’s Pool we take everything into consideration when beginning a new pool start-up plan. You can count on Kelley’s Pool to take care of your pool.

Pool start-ups begin with:

  • A complete chemical check which includes Chlorine-Ph-Alkalinity-Calcium and Cyan uric acid, liquid and/or tablet chlorine or bromine and/or acid as needed to help keep the Pool /Spa in the ideal chemical range
  • Check / clean all baskets and bags related to the pool / Spa
  • Check the pump, motor, filter, time clock, and all other related equipment for proper operation
  • Skim-net-brush-vacuum as needed to keep Pool / Spa clean
  • Keep owner aware of any mechanical or chemical problems that may arise
  • Keep owner up-to-date on new and cost saving improvements in the Pool / Spa industry

Spa Maintenance

  • A complete check of chemical levels in spa / hot tub
  • Check all spa / hot tub equipment
  • Clean all baskets and bags
  • Brush, skim, net and/or vacuum spa / hot tub
  • Check pump, filter, time clocks, temperature
  • Add chlorine / bromine tablets to floater
  • Add chlorine and/or acid to spa / hot tub

Complete Pool Services

  • An inexpensive way to make your concrete swimming pool look like new again. Is the finish of your concrete pool looking stained and blotchy? Did your pool have a white finish that now looks like a stormy sky? There is an easy and inexpensive way to make it look new; Acid Washing.
  • No one likes to walk out in his or her yard and find a green swimming pool and yet green pools are now in style. We are not talking about letting your swimming pool water turn green – instead, we are talking about creating a pool that is easy on the environment and easy on your budget. Armed with just a little information you can easily save $30-40 on your monthly utility bill and your pool water will never look better!
  • Prolong Your Pool’s Life. DECK-O-SEAL GUN GRADE is a premium quality, flexible sealing compound for use in applications where short turn-around time is a requirement, such as pool bottom and sidewall repairs and areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Cleaning your pool filter can drastically increase the water circulation of your pool, thus, a healthier pool.
  • Tile cleaning should be done at least twice a year. This makes your pool look like new and also gets rid of all the materials that stick to your tile. Our specialists are trained to use healthy products that are not harmful to the earth and yourself.
  • When it comes to sanitizing your pool water home owners now have a more convenient and regulated method available to them. In the past the only way to add chlorine to a pool was to either use a tablet and let it dissolve though a feeder or to manually pour liquid chlorine into the water. These methods are still the most popular but Salt Water Chlorinating systems continue to grow in popularity. Yes saltwater pools still use chlorine. The difference is that they make the chlorine themselves.
  • Water balance is the first thing to establish when treating your pool or spa. This helps make sure the later steps like sanitation are effective and use the minimum chemicals required The main criteria affecting water balance are calcium hardness, pH and Total Alkalinity.
  • The Skimmer basket is one of the best parts of the filter system. It is a piece of plastic that has many holes and is shaped like the inside of your skimmer. The Problem is that every time that the basket gets full you will have to empty it. If you do not empty your skimmer basket then you could cause damage to the swimming pool pump.
  • Equipment Repair
  • Pool pump replacement & repair
  • Filter system repair
  • Pool Solar
  • Troubleshooting
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